Understanding Prenuptial Agreements in Florida

Prenuptial Agreement Protection

It is incorrect to assume that the only time a prenuptial agreement is necessary is when spouses enter a marriage with largely disproportionate amounts of assets and income. These agreements are put into place to protect both parties. Technically speaking, a marriage is a form of financial arrangement. It is smart and responsible to have a plan in place if that arrangement ceases to exist. The prenuptial, or prenup, provides clear responsibilities to each spouse in the event of a divorce, and can even provide protect the final wishes of a spouse if he or she dies without first executing a valid will.

The Contents of Prenuptial Agreements

These agreements can cover a wide variety of factors, depending upon the wishes of the couple. The agreements can provide guidelines pertaining to:

  • The division of property, assets, and liabilities
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Specific terms to be carried out in the event one spouse were to commit adultery
  • Along with many other stipulations

How Kenny Leigh and Associates Assist Florida Men with Prenups

The truth of the matter is that, in family law, men are typically not fairly represented. There is a bias present to view men only as a financial provider, and a paycheck in the relationship. At Kenny Leigh and Associates, we work to ensure that men receive the equal rights and protection they deserve under Florida Law.

Meeting Florida Requirements for a Prenuptial Agreement

In order to receive the protection of these important agreements, you must understand the current Florida laws in order for your agreement to be valid. This is when an experienced family law attorney can be of great assistance. The attorneys at Kenny Leigh & Associates are always kept up to date on all of the changes made, such as the recent update that Florida residents have the option of waiving their right to financial disclosure.

In order for a Florida prenup to be valid, the agreement must:

  • Benefit both parties
  • Be properly notarized
  • Must be read and signed by both parties
  • Cannot be an oral agreement
  • Be validated by a marriage

There are many intricacies within the requirements of prenuptial agreements, and the rules and rights are constantly changing. If you are a Florida man interested in receiving quality legal protection, we can help you throughout the entire process. You will never again sign any agreement without understanding exactly how you will be affected.

Contact Kenny Leigh & Associates if you would like your prenup drafted or reviewed by experienced family law professionals.

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Written by Kenny Leigh
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