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Florida Laws on Legal Separation

Are you facing legal separation and in need of an attorney in Florida?  If you answered YES, we can help.  Kenny Leigh & Associates provides family law services for men including legal separation for that time when you and your spouse are separated prior to divorce.

What is legal separation and how is it dealt with in Florida?

Legal separation is a legal means by which a married couple can separate while remaining legally married. It is granted in a court order and provides a means of keeping your marital status in tact. People request legal separation for a multitude of reasons, but typically because of religious reasons or for the continuation of health benefits.

Florida, however, does not recognize the concept of legal separation. It does, on the other hand, have provisions in the laws concerning spousal support, custody issues, and visitation terms. In other words, a party may petition the court for child support during a marital separation and, in rare cases, even for alimony.

If you are married, separated, and have children then you may or may not have grounds to file for child support. As an alternative to a legal separation, Florida Law provides an action known as “Support Unconnected with Dissolution of Marriage” which, if filed, allows for the couple planning to live apart from one another to have preset terms that can be approved by the court.

Additionally, one or both parties could execute a mediation or settlement process providing the terms of the separation without involving the courts. In this scenario, the terms of the agreement are legally enforced as a contract. In conclusion, even though Florida does not give its residents the option of a “legal separation,” there are methods at your disposal in order to achieve similar results and provide a means for establishing child support while still being legally married.

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