Protection Orders for Men

Understanding Protection Orders in Florida

In the world of family law, men are most often viewed as aggressors or offenders, especially in cases of abuse or harassment. However, women are just as capable of playing the dominant and active role in these situations. The purpose of a protection orders in Florida is to protect an individual from:

  • Domestic violence
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Or any physical harm

These protective orders are legal injunctions that can be provided to men or women, if there is a clear need. There is no law or rule that states that women are the only people who can play the victim role in these circumstances.

How Men Benefit from Protective Orders in Florida

If a man feels that he, or his family, is being harmed or threatened in any way, a protection order will provide a restraining order against any parties that are a threat. In many cases, men feel that the masculine, or manly, thing to do is to provide their own defense and security without the help of a legal order, but this is not the smartest plan of action.

The wise and responsible choice is to take legal action as soon as possible, especially if a spouse, or any other individual, is posing a threat to your safety or your children’s safety. If it is a spouse committing the abuse or offense, seeking a protection order prior to the divorce can provide the legal grounds necessary for a divorce.

Hiring Legal Representation for your Protective Order

These legal injunctions are not granted lightly by the court system. In order to receive the coverage of an order, you will need to provide clear evidence that you have been harmed, or that you are threatened. The family law attorneys at Kenny Leigh & Associates will help you accurately document:

  • A specific occurrence or occurrences
  • Detailed information and history of abuse or threats
  • Evidence of current threats

Take Action Today

If you feel that your well being, or the safety of your children, is being threatened or abused in any way, now is the time to take action. It is your right to protect yourself, and your loved ones, and we can provide the legal support you need to accomplish this goal.

If you are in need of a protection order in Florida contact Kenny Leigh & Associates today to get started.

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Written by Kenny Leigh
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