Divorce Attorney Lucky Ounheuan

Lucky Ounheuan


Lucky Ounheuan grew up in Rochester, New York. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina in 2004 and obtained her law degree from the Syracuse University College of law in 2007. Ms. Ounheuan has almost 15 years of experience representing both corporate and individual clients in a variety of practice areas. While her primary practice area centers around family law litigation, she is well-versed in many other areas of the law. Prior to joining Kenny Leigh & Associates, Ms. Ounheuan successfully represented clients in legal matters relating to estate administration, personal injury claims, contract disputes, employment law, business law, and civil litigation. Ms. Ounheuan joined Kenny Leigh & Associates in 2022 advocating for men in the area of family law. On her free time, Ms. Ounheuan enjoys golfing, snowboarding, and spending time with her family and friends.

Areas of Practice: Family Law

Licensed in North Carolina and New York

Location: Huntersville, NC


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Bounce Back: Tips to help men navigate family law

Written by Kenny Leigh
All cases cited in this book are Florida cases and should not be considered advice for any other state.

Divorce can be horrible. For most people, it’s the most stressful event in their lives —more stressful than the death of a family member. And not only is the experience itself often loathsome, but the consequences of terminating a marriage can be devastating. Divorce has permanently damaged the careers, net worth and valued relationships of countless men. If you are looking at this book, you are likely about to enter the most trying and difficult phase of your life. And if your case is not handled properly, you’ve got a lot to lose.