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    Family Law Appeal Services for Men Only in Fleming Island, FL


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    If you found a Fleming Island court’s decision regarding your divorce or family-related case to be unfair, you have another means of legal recourse. Legal decisions may be challenged through an appeals process.

    Family Law Appeals

    In many cases, familial, financial or societal pressure will push an individual to seek a quick solution to a legal dispute. Unfortunately, this could cause a legal argument to be improperly vetted, shortchanging the validity of a person’s claim and case outcome. Additionally, traditional gender bias against men compounds the potentially negative outcome. The appeals process may extend the case, but provides additional time for vindication and advantageous solutions.

    Grounds for Appeals

    There are specific grounds that must be met before seeking an appeal to a Fleming Island court’s decision. The reasons include:

    • Pertinent assets were not disclosed
    • Potential fraud may have occurred
    • Possible abuse of discretion or power by a judge
    • Incorrect court process or procedure occurred during case

    In Florida, including Fleming Island, it is imperative that appeals be filed within 30 days of a court’s decision on domestic court cases. Securing effective legal representation is highly advisable in order for appeals to have the best chance for success.

    Why You Need an Appellate Attorney

    If you believe a Fleming Island court’s decision has been rendered inappropriately or unfairly, get in touch with Kenny Leigh & Associates right away. Legal appeals can be very intricate and difficult to navigate. An experienced attorney from our firm can walk you through the appeals process, help strengthen your legal argument and vigorously represent your interest in court.

    Kenny Leigh & Associates is committed to providing effective legal representation to men that are seeking to appeal a decision from Fleming Island family court. We will work on your behalf to make sure your argument is heard.

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