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    Child Custody Legal Services for Men in Fleming Island, FL


    Fathers seeking custody and visitation in Fleming Island have the legal right to fight for their children. It is ideal for both parents to have equal access to a child. However, many family courts in Florida tend to favor mothers, creating difficult emotional and legal obstacles for fathers. Kenny Leigh & Associates is committed to representing the rights of fathers in Fleming Island to maintain their parental relationships and encourage the child’s development.

    During custody disputes, men face distinct challenges. Child support premiums are higher for men than women, with father’s paying a yearly average of $3,600 as opposed to women, who pay a yearly average of $2,400. Additionally, fathers also have a tough time getting sole physical custody because of the prevalent belief that children belong with their mothers. The burden of proof is often on the father to prove the mother is unfit or able to adequately care for the child. However, this also often leads to long and costly court battles that rarely end in the father’s favor. Our law firm works diligently to upend those stereotypes in order to give dedicated fathers a fair shot in court.

    Types of Child Custody

    There are three different types of child custody that family courts in Fleming Island will consider. These include:

    • Sole Custody
    • Joint custody
    • Shared custody

    Sole custody involves one parent having physical custody of the child while the other parent may receive visitation rights. This is a common custody arrangement that doesn’t often favor fathers. Joint custody, however, extends legal custody toward both parents and is considered ideal by the court because it gives each parent an active voice toward a child’s education and medical care. Shared custody is an arrangement that involves each parent having physical custody, with the child splitting time equally between each household.

    While mothers still outnumber fathers in having sole custody, there have been advancements toward equal considerations of fathers as sole custodians. Kenny Leigh & Associates is proud to be part of that movement in Fleming Island and encourages you to get in touch with us at 904-541-1252 about exercising your custodial rights.