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    Fathers’ Rights Protection in Fleming Island, FL

    Florida has made some strides in overcoming gender bias in different areas of the law. However, when giving adequate consideration to fathers’ rights, Florida still has a long way to go. Domestic court cases in Fleming Island, including those involving custody, the rights of fathers are often downplayed or receive short, legal shrift. Kenny Leigh & Associates believes that fathers matter and should have equal consideration and rights. That’s why we work diligently to protect the rights of dedicated fathers in Fleming Island.

    Gender Bias Against Fathers in Custody Disputes

    In Florida courts, the law favors mothers in custody disputes because they are associated with nurturing and stability. However, plenty of fathers are stable nurturers and are fully capable of taking great care of their children. Kenny Leigh & Associates understands the importance of fathers having an active, participatory role in their children’s lives. We are committed to advocating and protecting the rights of fathers by effectively representing their rights in court.

    In the Child’s Best Interest

    Child custody decisions are based on determining what is in a child’s best interest. Our team of experienced attorneys works diligently to demonstrate a father’s capabilities to take care of their children. We help show that:

    • Father-child relationships are established, positive and supportive
    • Fathers are actively involved and participate in their child’s education, health decisions and other areas of development
    • Fathers regularly contribute financially to their children
    • Fathers maintain a nurturing, stable and safe living environment

    We are on a mission to change the stereotypes against men and make sure that father’s receive equal recognition and treatment in Fleming Island. Children benefit when fathers are an active part of the picture and we will keep fighting for that inclusion.
    If you have concerns about your rights as a father, contact Kenny Leigh & Associates to find out how we can help you.