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    The Importance of Hidden Assets in a Divorce in Fleming Island, FL

    Divorce is a highly stressful time in anyone’s life. During the process you will question your own judgment, second guess your feelings, and may feel that your life is in complete shambles.

    Expert advice from the men only law firm of Kenny Leigh & Associates in Fleming Island, Florida can help you navigate this difficult time in your life. The bond you once shared with your spouse is now broken and they may attempt to conceal some of their income or assets to avoid paying higher child support or spousal support. We know what warning signs could indicate they are not providing a full and honest disclosure of their financial situation.

    Our team of experienced divorce attorneys will request and review all pertinent financial considerations to ensure you receive a fair and just ruling. These items will include the following:

    • Tax returns
    • Bank statements
    • Brokerage accounts
    • Credit card statements
    • Businesses that are owned by either party

    Real estate is one of the most common assets people attempt to conceal. In some cases, the spouse has been planning for months or years in advance, and has already purchased a house or income producing property. A thorough public record search by an experienced divorce attorney can find it they own any real property that has not been properly disclosed.

    We understand that the financial rulings of divorce cases in Fleming Island frequently favor women much more so than men. Kenny Leigh & Associates is dedicated to working exclusively on behalf of men to ensure they receive a fair and reasonable outcome.

    If you have any reason to think that your spouse is withholding assets or financial information that is crucial to the divorce proceeding, trust your instinct and contact our team of knowledgeable divorce attorneys at Kenny Leigh & Associates in Fleming Island, Florida.