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    Mediation Attorney for Men in Fleming Island, FL

    When filing for divorce in Fleming Island, or any other part of Florida, you are required to have mediation sessions. This is partly due to the large number of divorce proceedings that can each take months just to reach the courtroom. The state of Florida also recognizes that the perspective of a neutral third party can help resolve many of the emotionally charged issues that must be worked through when a marriage ends. It is especially important for men to have the counsel and help of the experienced team of divorce attorneys at Kenny Leigh & Associates in Fleming Island. We accept only male clients and ensure your contributions to the marriage and family are noted during the mediation process.

    Benefits of Mediation

    Divorce proceedings can take many months and encounter numerous delays as they work their way through the court. This means your stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil is prolonged. The longer a divorce takes, the more contentious it can become. It also delays you from being able to move on with your life. With a skilled mediation attorney from Kenny Leigh & Associates, you can be sure that you, your children, and each party is given ample opportunity to be heard.

    • Mediation typically cost less
    • More opportunity to discuss topics important to you
    • Faster resolution
    • More confidentiality

    The process of mediation is less adversarial and often takes much less of an emotional toll on your children and yourself. Custody cases that must be resolved in court expose your children to stress, conflict, and a high level of animosity. Your children may be required to testify and have to be interviewed by different experts.

    With the help of the men only law firm of Kenny Leigh & Associates, you and your spouse can find creative solutions to personal issues that do not fare well in the litigation system. A less adversarial agreement is much preferred when children are involved and co-parenting is more effective when it begins with mutual agreement instead of reluctant compliance. This is why it is essential for any man in Fleming Island to have the excellent legal representation we provide.

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