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    Postnuptial Agreement Attorneys for Men Only in Fleming Island, FL

    The postnuptial agreement serves much the same purpose as the more commonly heard of prenuptial agreement. While most people associate these documents with rich celebrities going through high-profile divorces, a postnuptial agreement can benefit men of any income level. If you live in Fleming Island, Florida and have questions about postnuptial agreements, the men only law firm of Kenny Leigh & Associates has the experience and answers you need.

    Benefits of Postnuptial Agreements

    Much of the stress in marriages is rooted in financial disagreements. A postnuptial agreement can clear up a lot of ambiguity about the financial duties and responsibilities each spouse has in the relationship. By clearly defining these roles, a postnuptial agreement eliminates festering animosity and removes the strain that is caused by a lack of honest dialogue about financial matters.

    Men need Postnuptial Agreements

    Men historically shoulder more of the financial burden in a divorce. This often happens regardless of whether or not they have the higher of the two incomes in the marriage. By working exclusively with men, we have the needed experience to overcome the bias that exist toward them. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we are able to achieve fair and just settlements by providing you with the counsel you need during the process of drafting a postnuptial agreement.

    Without a postnuptial agreement, you can expect a much more difficult divorce process.

    • Takes longer to finalize the divorce
    • Higher court cost
    • Higher legal fees
    • Little or no influence on alimony and division of assets

    With the postnuptial agreement:

    • Less time spent in court
    • You save thousands of dollars on attorney fees
    • You have a mutual agreement on assets and spousal support

    If you are a married man living in Fleming Island, contact us at Kenny Leigh & Associates to discuss how drafting a postnuptial agreement can protect your financial future.