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    Understanding Prenuptial Agreements in Fleming Island, Florida

    The perception that prenuptial agreements (prenups) are only for wealthy men who do not believe in love and expect to get a divorce is far from the true function of the agreement. No one hopes to or plans to have a car accident. But we do wear seat-belts, drive cars with air-bags, and maintain automobile insurance. You protect yourself in the event of an unforeseen occurrence that may not even be your fault. If you are a man living in Fleming Island, Florida, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience attorneys at Kenny Leigh & Associates have with prenuptial agreements.

    Contents of Prenuptial Agreements

    Each agreement is unique and drafted according to the priorities and wishes of the couple. Terms of the prenup can cover a wide variety of topics:

    • Spousal support
    • Child support and custody
    • Specifics in the event of adultery
    • How to divide assets, property, and debt
    • Other stipulations

    Florida requirements for a binding prenup

    The laws and requirements for prenups are constantly changing. While the legal specifics can be complicated and intricate, there are some basic standards that must be met for your agreement to be valid and binding to all parties:

    • Must be notarized
    • It cannot be an oral agreement
    • It must benefit both parties
    • Each party must read and sign
    • It is validated by their marriage

    It remains an unfortunate reality of our society that men are unfairly viewed as merely the source of income and the financial provider for marriages. As a result, they frequently are not fairly represented or afforded the equal rights and protection they deserve. In addition to being an intelligent arrangement to have in place in the event of divorce, a prenup can also ensure the final wishes of either party are honored if they die without having a valid will.

    At the Kenny Leigh & Associates law firm in Fleming Island, Florida, we only represent men. Our experience is focused on the best approach to protecting your legal rights. Call us to discuss the process of drafting a prenuptial agreement and how doing so will benefit you.