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    Legal Separation Attorneys in Fleming Island, FL

    If you live in or around Fleming Island, Florida and ask ten people what legal separation means, you are likely to get ten different and confusing answers. The state of Florida is one of only eight states that does not officially recognize legal separation between a couple. At the law firm of Kenny Leigh & Associates, we are experienced in all aspects of Florida divorce law and we work exclusively on behalf of men. If you and your spouse are discussing a legal separation, we can help by advising you on provisions of the law pertaining to child custody, visitation, and spousal support.

    A few things to keep in mind:

    Even if a husband and wife have a written separation agreement that is signed by both parties, it is still not considered a legal separation.

    Courts in Fleming Island and other parts of Florida may still establish a primary residence for children, along with a set amount for child support. The court may base their decision on several factors:

    • Work schedule and hours of each parent
    • Any special needs for the children like medical or educational requirements
    • Age and total number of children the couple has together

    The court will look at whether you have separate financial accounts and the two of you have separate household expenses. If you and your spouse do ultimately file for divorce, the court will need to re-evaluate child custody and child support unless you have both agreed to a mediated settlement.

    Each couple has their own personal reasons for wishing to live separately without going through the legal process of divorce. Whether it be for religious reasons, social concerns, or professional concerns, you can trust the lawyers at the men only law firm of Kenny Leigh & Associates in Fleming Island, Florida to provide you with the advice you need for your unique circumstance.

    For more information on men’s rights during a separation and other matters of family law, contact us for a consultation.