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    Protection Orders for Men in Fleming Island, FL

    You probably do not hear a lot of information about men obtaining protection orders against women who are abusing, harassing, or threatening them. Men are viewed as the aggressors in relationships although women can be just as aggressive. At the family law office of Kenny Leigh & Associates in Fleming Island, Florida, we only represent men. We will provide you with crucial advice about the procedure of obtaining a legal protection order for you and your children.

    Legal representation to obtain your Protective Order

    The court system does not dole out these legal injunctions lightly to anyone who requests one for their spouse. When you add the unfair perception that men have a natural propensity toward violence that women do not have, obtaining your needed order of protection can be a difficult process. Our practice is dedicated solely to the legal representation of men. We understand what evidence is needed to document that you have been harmed or threatened.

    • A specific incident or occurrences
    • Detailed information about the abuse or threats
    • Evidence of the threats
    • Any evidence of a history of abuse

    It is a serious mistake for you or any other man to think that obtaining an order of protection is a sign of weakness or a lack of ability to protect yourself. We do understand that asking for help can be difficult and that you want to give other people the benefit of the doubt. You do not like to think they will escalate their behavior. This is especially true when it is your spouse who poses the threat or is committing the abuse. If you have been assaulted or threatened, a legal order is the smartest plan of action to protect yourself and your children.

    If your wife is the person committing the abuse, a legal order of protection obtained prior to your divorce can give you the legal grounds needed for a divorce. The family law office of Kenny Leigh & Associates is dedicated to helping men in Fleming Island with all of their family law needs. If you need a protection order, contact us today.