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    Areas of Practice in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    Family law disputes are never easy, but the influence of sexism can only make it worse. Men often face a significant disadvantage in family court, especially if their spouses are women. Sexist assumptions about men’s roles and abilities often make it hard for them to attain custody, alimony, frequent visitation, and other rights. Kenny Leigh & Associates is committed to countering sexism and securing men the outcomes they deserve in family court.

    Primary Practices:

    Kenny Leigh & Associates’ major Ft. Lauderdale, areas of practice include:

    • Divorce:­  Kenny Leigh provides men with the support and insight they need to
      successfully navigate a divorce, both in the courtroom and in the social sphere.
    • Child Custody:­ Men often face discrimination when trying to obtain custody of their children in court or mediation. Kenny Leigh fights for equal rights while helping men to negotiate viable child custody and support agreements.
    • Alimony:­ Men have the right to alimony if they have lower wages than their spouses, but often have trouble negotiating it in practice. We help you get the payments you deserve.
    • Father’s Rights­: Kenny Leigh helps you negotiate visitation, financial support, child care agreements, and a wide range of other issues that will benefit both you and your child.
    • Other Operations:­ We deal in hidden assets, legal separation, mediation, pre­ and post­nuptial agreements, and a myriad of other issues related to divorce and family law.

      Because of biases and procedural flaws in lower courts, it is often not possible for men to get a fair ruling the first time around. Kenny Leigh & Associates thus has extensive experience fighting for our clients in appeals courts. We will continue to appeal your decision until you get the ruling you deserve. For more information on family law, custody, and other Ft. Lauderdale, areas of practice, contact us today.