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    When you enter into a legal proceeding, you do so hoping for the best outcome in the situation. You feel your side of the issue is justified, and that your intended outcome will prevail. These expectations can make an unfavorable ruling far more devastating, mentally, emotionally, and perhaps financially.

    Though you may be tempted to accept an unfavorable family law ruling in order to avoid further conflict, you may have better options. A legal appeal can give you another chance to see justice better served in your complaint. Kenny Leigh & Associates can help you see the appeals process through in the search for a more acceptable resolution.

    Handling Appeals in Ft. Lauderdale

    Though it may seem easier to deal with the results of an unfavorable legal ruling, an appeal of your court decision can yield positive results where the initial decision did not. You will need to explore the option to appeal your ruling very quickly upon the resolution of your initial trial. Family law appeals require the participant to file their notice of appeal within 30 days of the original court order.

    Successful legal appeals follow the procedures set forth by the law. This not only includes filing within the established time frame. A written transcript of the original trial must be obtained and prepared by a court reporter. You will then want a knowledgeable attorney to prepare arguments to support your case that comply with Ft. Lauderdale’s laws and procedures.

    Who Can File an Appeal?

    The law provides for specific instances in which a participant in a family law proceeding can file an appeal. These include:

    • Instances of fraud
    • Cases in which assets were not properly disclosed, or hidden assets were not taken into account
    • Unfair use of power or discretion by the judge overseeing the original case
    • Cases where court procedures were not followed correctly

    An experienced lawyer can go over your case and help you understand if you have grounds to file an appeal of your court decision.

    Men often experience unique disadvantages in family law cases. The appeals process can seem daunting to those not experienced with its nuances. Kenny Leigh & Associates understands the challenges undergone by men who face legal proceedings in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Our goal is to level the playing field in your legal proceedings so you can find the justice you deserve.