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    Child Support Attorneys for Men in Ft. Lauderdale, FL


    If you are currently facing a custody battle or your ex­ partner is filing for child support, you may be wondering how this will affect you and what changes you may be facing in your day to day life. Many fathers going through custody and family court battles are stressed about how much child support will have to be paid and have many questions regarding this area. We want to help answer your questions surrounding how child support amounts are decided, how it may affect your lifestyle and how you can go about modifying a child custody order.

    Child Support Orders

    Your current custody arrangement and income will both be a significant factor when it comes to the courts awarding how much child support the non­custodial parent pays. A child support order will also take into consideration the other parents income, child’s health care and child care costs and a child’s standard needs. The courts will follow a standard formula when it comes to deciding how much you will need to pay. Child support payments are not considered income in accordance with the IRS, they cannot be deducted from the noncustodial’s parents taxable income.

    How Paying Child Support May Alter Your Lifestyle

    Whether you were in a relationship previously where you were the sole breadwinner, or you shared the financial burden, paying child support can be hard on the non­custodial parent. In some cases, you are now having to pay for two households with one income. It is likely you will need to make some changes when it comes to how you budget your money, how much you pay for living expenses and how much money you have left each paycheck. Paying child support can take a decent chunk from your regular paycheck and many fathers have had to struggle with their finances to make ends meet.

    Modifying Ft. Lauderdale, Child Support Orders

    Once the court has created a child support order, there are circumstances where this order can be increased or decreased. Having these changes made are not easy, reasons for modification may include:

    • Earning Ability Changes
    • You Declare Bankruptcy
    • Your Custody Agreement Changes

    If any of these events occur and you wish to change your child support order, you will need to submit forms with the court proving that the change that has occurred is significant enough for a modification to happen. If you feel you need to modify a child support order, speak to a Ft. Lauderdale, Child Support expert like us.
    If you need assistance with Ft. Lauderdale, Child Support orders, contact the team at Kenny Leigh & Associates. We work to protect the rights of men in divorce, child custody and alimony cases.