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    Ft. Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys for Men Only

    Facing divorce in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, can be particularly traumatic and emotional for men. The process is almost always preceded by stressful events and marital strife. Adversarial divorces are often enormously complicated, and for men, it is essential to make good decisions while suffering from great emotional stress. Men going through divorce are frequently not aware of their legal rights and obligations. A major issue for most men who are parents of children, is losing child custody.

    Historically, in divorce child custody cases in Florida, men were not given shared custody or equal time­sharing with their children. Wives were more often given custody because they were the “stay a home parent” for at least a year, they got the children ready for school every morning, and they were most likely to cook dinner nightly. Women almost always got custody of children under the age of two. The result was that children were raised primarily by their mother, with their father having a small role in their lives.

    Since 2008, legal changes were made to the Florida legislature that eliminated the following terms:

    • Custody
    • Custodial
    • Non­Custodial Parent
    • Primary Residence
    • Primary Residential Parent
    • Visitation

    The new terms are:

    • Shared Parental Responsibility
    • Sole Parental Responsibility
    • Majority Time­Sharing
    • Equal Time­Sharing

    In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, raising children is considered the responsibility of both parents throughout the child’s life. Divorcing parents in Florida are required by law to produce a detailed parenting plan that addresses parental responsibility and time­sharing arrangements that are in the best interests of the individual child. Choices include sole parental responsibility with the spouse having time­sharing rights, or whether the divorcing couple will share parental responsibility. If the divorcing couple cannot agree to a parenting plan, a plan is created by the court.

    A parenting plan, created by the court, makes decisions in the best interests of the child. Fathers are able to receive a shared parental arrangement and equal time­sharing with the child based on a number of factors. Parenting plans created by the courts still often work against men. Those who work long hours to support their families and are still doing so, may not be approved for split time­sharing arrangement. Men unable to find nearby living arrangements to his children’s home, may lose equal­ time share because of the logistics. If there is acrimony between the divorced couple, as is often the case, the court will limit the amount of visitation time.

    Child custody is just one of the serious issues that men face during divorce proceedings. If you are a man in this position, contact Kenny Leigh & Associates, an experienced divorce attorney, to advocate for you. Our knowledge and skill will guard your legal rights and protect your role as a father.