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    If you are looking for help with Ft. Lauderdale, Family law, the team at Kenny Leigh & Associates can help. Our team of professionals work with men only to help them navigate through the legal system and help men get fair results.

    Our legal team works with husbands and fathers in cases that include:

    No matter what your Ft. Lauderdale, Family Law needs are, we can help you through the process getting you the results you deserve.

    The team at Kenny Leigh & Associates work with men every day to help guide them through family law. This experience is irreplaceable when you start having to work through the legal system. We know the best way to work with other lawyers and judges to make sure your voice is heard in court. Often there is a feeling that men get a bad deal when it comes to family law, our team looks to change that reputation by having the right experience to help you through your case.

    Family law can be tricky, children are often involved and this can be hard on everyone. We work with you keeping your children in mind, working hard to get you the time you deserve with your children and making sure financial contributions are spread evenly.

    Another area that can cause a lot of distress is how the money is dispersed in a divorce, we work to make sure all sides of the case are taken into consideration and that you are not left destitute after the court case is finished.

    We go through each side of the case thoroughly to maximize our strategy and give you the best results. Having a team of law specialists that are experts in working with men is a big advantage when it comes to making sure your Ft. Lauderdale, family law case gets fair results.

    If you are looking for a Ft. Lauderdale, family law team that specializes in working with men and men only, contact the team at Kenny Leigh & Associates today. Let our team of family law specialists help you through your family law case in Ft. Lauderdale.