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    Men seeking fair custody arrangements are often at a disadvantage in the eyes of the legal system. Although things are better now than they were in previous decades, too often the legal system is still biased unfairly in favor of biological mothers. When it comes to father’s rights, Ft. Lauderdale is no exception in the challenges men face. However, with a capable and qualified family attorney on your side, you can fight through the system and improve your chances of turning the odds in your favor.

    Florida Visitation Laws

    A victory for father’s rights in Florida is that now visitation laws are referred to as time sharing laws. This simple change in terminology reflects the greater rights that fathers have to spend time with their own children.

    When fathers are the non­custodial parent, they are often at the mercy of the custodial parent, who may use her bitterness about the divorce to limit the father’s access to the children. The vast majority of fathers still want to spend time with their children, even if they are divorcing the children’s mother. With the help of a qualified family law attorney, you can modify the visitation schedule so that you can still spend time with your children.

    Factors in Deciding Custody

    Many aspects of custody decisions are the same everywhere. All states use the same primary standard of “for the best interest of the child,” but this is vague and easily misapplied.

    The law does not generally default to father’s rights, Ft. Lauderdale or anywhere else. Some of the factors taken into consideration by the courts in determining child custody include the following:

    • Age of the children. Many judges still believe that very young children should be with their mothers, especially if the mother has been the primary caregiver. Of course, nursing babies still need to be with their mothers, but this is a relatively short period of time in a child’s life.
    • Stability of the parent’s living situation. Kids do best in stable home environments. This is an aspect in which fathers can be at a disadvantage, particularly due to financial factors. A good father’s rights attorney can help to minimize the impact of divorce on your finances.
    • Parent’s relationship with the kids before the divorce. Some parents do have a change of heart after divorce and want to spend more time with their kids, and many judges will take this into consideration. However, this can work against father’s rights, Ft. Lauderdale experts say. If work schedules prevented fathers from spending much time with their kids prior to the divorce, it would be unfair for this to be a factor in determining custody. You need an expert on your side.

    Divorce and child custody cases are a vulnerable time in any man’s life. Some men don’t receive the fair treatment they deserve because of biases against their gender in the court system. That’s why you need a family law attorney practice that focuses on men only like Kenny Leigh and Associates.