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    Tying the knot is an exciting event. But in between the planning, the anticipatory celebrations and the wedding vows, it may be difficult to remember that marriage has some serious financial ramifications. No two couples approach their finances the same – some are comfortable combining all their funds while some prefer to keep their money completely separate. Regardless of you and your partner’s specific finance style, it is wise to consider the monetary consequences that may occur if the union doesn’t last. The good news is that even if you didn’t think to put a prenuptial agreement in place before you exchanged vows, if you want to establish a postnuptial, Ft. Lauderdale family lawyers can help you draw one up now.

    What is a Postnuptial Agreement?

    A postnuptial agreement, signed after entering a civil union or marriage, is a legal contract that dictates how your assets and financial affairs will be divided in the case of separation or divorce. The document details the division of property acquired together and individually, whether before and after your marriage, including specifics regarding spousal support, child support and incurring debts. However, it doesn’t have to pertain only to financial topics – it can even spell out things such as the division of labor at home.

    Why Do I Need a Postnuptial Agreement?

    If you are on your second (or third) marriage, and have children from those marriages, you should consider a postnuptial agreement to ensure that your children receive some of your assets. Another reason for a postnuptial is if there is a possibility a partner may be unfaithful. By having an agreement in place with favorable terms toward that partner, it shows that you are serious about staying and working on the marriage. Additionally, a postnuptial agreement might be a good idea to ensure you’ll be financially secure if you end up stepping out of the workforce to spend time caring for your children.

    Is a Postnuptial Agreement Right for Me?

    Discussing money issues can be awkward, uncomfortable and challenging. While you may not think you need legal documents for protection almost everyone has property and assets worth keeping secure. You may be expecting an inheritance, a stay at home parent, or a joint owner of a business with your spouse – these are all situations where a postnuptial agreement should be considered. While a postnuptial agreement may offer some security, it doesn’t ensure the avoidance of court battles or guarantee that in the event of a separation you will receive everything you feel you are entitled to.

    When creating your postnuptial, Ft. Lauderdale family law experts recommend each side hire their own attorney. While it is an investment for both parties, it can save a lot of money and trouble if you and your spouse end up separating. When considering a postnuptial, Ft.Lauderdale attorneys can explain how they help alleviate concerns about providing a settlement that will help your dependents, protect your assets and business interests and even eliminate financial disagreements.