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    When it comes to legal separation, Ft. Lauderdale has its share of married couples who just aren’t able to work through their marital differences. While being legally separated doesn’t necessarily mean a divorce when all is said and done, there are still circumstances that could make an already difficult time go much smoother for everyone involved.

    Transitioning from a married couple to a legally separated one will involve the courts since it is a legal process. A legal separation is a process in which a marriage formalizes an actual separation while the marriage is still binding. In instances where children are involved, child custody could be determined or other temporary arrangements will be made for custody, care, or even financial support.

    In addition to any child care issues, the courts could choose to handle belongings, living situations, financial factors, etc., when dealing with married couples who wish to pursue a legal separation. Legal separation does not mean a divorce is imminent, but in cases of religious or moral objectives to divorce, some couples may choose to stay in a legally separated relationship even though they have no intention of ever reconciling their differences. It is also important to note that if divorce is decided upon, then it must be pursued as a separate avenue than legal separation.

    For many couples, living happily ever after isn’t always in the cards. But, there are legal systems set in place to ensure both parties, and anyone else who might be affected, have their best interests looked after. When differences can’t be settled and the only resolution seems to be legal separation, Kenny Leigh & Associates in Ft. Lauderdale has some of the best attorneys to help families get through these trying times.