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    Family Law Appeal Services for Men Only in Ft. Walton Beach, FL


    Have you recently gone through a divorce in Ft. Walton Beach and feel like the outcome was less then fair? Florida courts are often biased in favor of women in divorce proceedings. There may still be hope for a fair outcome. Kenny Leigh & Associates can help you appeal your case so that you get a fair outcome.

    Why Appeal?

    Family law and divorce cases can be painful. There is often a rush to settle things as fast as possible. This haste means that information can be overlooked, the parties in the case can be misrepresented and unfair hasty decisions made. An appeal may take more time and re-open old wounds but it may be the best way to secure your future if the final judgment was hasty and unfair.

    What Are Grounds for Appeal?

    You may not be happy with the final outcome of your divorce, but that is not in and of itself grounds for appeal. There must be some legal issue that can be invoked to re-open the case. This is not a re-trial of the case, but a re-examination of particular issues that may have been overlooked in the trial proceedings.

    Here are some of the reasons an appeal might be possible:

    • Someone committed fraud in the proceedings.
    • Significant assets were hidden from the court.
    • The court committed a procedural error.
    • The judge may have abused his discretion in the final decision.

    Get Legal Help

    Appeals must be filed in 30 days after the final decision so it is important to act quickly. In addition, the appeals process is highly technical and involves navigating many legal rules for success. Kenny Leigh & Associates can help you determine if you have grounds for appeal and represent your interests in the appeal proceedings. They have the necessary resource to conduct an appeal in your case.

    If you live in Ft. Walton Beach and are thinking of an appeal of your divorce case, you should contact Kenny Leigh & Associates today.


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