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    Child Custody Legal Services for Men in Ft. Walton Beach, FL


    Are you a father in Ft. Walton Beach seeking custody of your children in a divorce proceeding? If so, you are in for a real battle because the courts tend to favor women in custody proceedings. You are going to want the best representation in your case. Kenny Leigh and Associates specialize in helping men gain custody of their children.

    Types of Child Custody

    There are three types of child custody:

    • Joint custody. Both parents share custody of the children but the children live with one parent. This arrangement is favor by most judges.
    • Sole custody. One parent is given complete custody of the children. The other parent may have visitation rights. Often parents are seeking this kind of custody.
    • Shared custody. In this arrangement, both parents share custody and the children reside with both parents. Judges tend to feel that this arrangement is confusing for children who are often shuffled back and forth between residences.

    Fathers Have Rights

    Traditionally, the courts have favored women in custody battles. Women are often granted sole custody. In joint custody, the children often reside with their mother. Fathers have been forced to prove that the mother was “unfit” in order to retain custody of the children. Child support awards also tend to favor the mother. Women typically pay a median of $2400 in child support while men pay $3600.

    Today, things are beginning to change. More fathers are being designated as primary residential custodians of their children than ever before. The right legal representation can make the difference in your case. Kenny Leigh & Associates are experienced in making the case for the rights of fathers in custody proceedings. Their unrelenting case work will ensure that you are well represented. Today there is no reason to feel like a “deadbeat dad” just because the courts favor women.

    If you need legal representation for child custody proceedings in Ft. Walton Beach, contact Kenny Leigh & Associates. We can help you secure your rights as a father.