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    Fathers Rights Protection in Ft. Walton Beach, FL

    If you are a husband and father, then you should not underestimate the importance of your role in the family. You are an essential part of the life of your children and play an influential role in their development, even if you are going through a divorce. Kenny Leigh & Associates can fight for your rights as a father in your child custody proceeding in Ft. Walton Beach.

    The Good of the Children

    Child custody hearings are designed to determine the best interest of the children involved. The attorneys at Kenny Leigh & Associates can work with you to prove that you can:

    • Provide a safe and stable home environment.
    • Maintain a supportive relationship where your child’s needs are the highest priority.
    • Be active in school, friendships and other personal interests of your children.
    • Provide dependable financial support.
    • Be a positive influence as your children grow up.

    Bias Against Fathers

    In family law proceedings, the rights of fathers have often been diminished or ignored. Decisions often favor the mother who is seen as the best caregiver. Many good dads have limited access to their children because of this bias. Thankfully, things are beginning to change. The courts are coming to understand that fathers play more than just a financial role in the lives of their children. The psychological contribution to the child’s health is also being acknowledged by the courts. As a father, you need good legal representation to make sure that this is an issue in your child custody proceedings.

    In today’s society, it is not hard to imagine cases where children would be better cared for by their father. There are plenty of great dads out there who could truly take care of their children but are not given the chance due to the bias of the courts.

    If you feel that your rights have been diminished by the family courts in Ft. Walton Beach, then you should seek good legal representation. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, our mission is to make sure that the rights of fathers are respected in family law proceedings. We can help you to present your case to the courts effectively. Contact us for help.