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    The Importance of Hidden Assets in a Divorce in Ft. Walton Beach, FL

    During a divorce, it is important for both parties to put all of their financial assets on the table for evaluation. The value of each of these assets is essential when determining child custody, amounts paid for child support and alimony, and other financial matters.

    The courts will consider businesses owned by either party, the type and value of all assets and liabilities, and the amount of cash held by both parties. In some cases, one party may attempt to hide income and assets, especially real estate, from the other party in an effort to reduce or avoid paying spousal support or child support.

    How Kenny Leigh & Associates Can Help

    If you think that assets and income are being hidden from you, Kenny Leigh & Associates has the experience and the resources to uncover all assets and income sources so a fair ruling can be reached. Our divorce attorney services for the men of Ft. Walton Beach will ensure that you won’t pay more than you should or receive less than you deserve because the other party is hiding information.

    Locating Hidden Assets to Help the Men of Ft. Walton Beach

    The rulings of Ft. Walton Beach divorce cases statistically favor women over men, especially in financial matters. Kenny Leigh & Associates works exclusively with men during these stressful times so you can feel confident that all assets and income will be considered and a fair and reasonable ruling achieved.

    It is your right to a fair and balanced outcome of your divorce proceedings. If you suspect that the other party is hiding assets and income from you, let the experts at Kenny Leigh & Associates use their resources and experience to fight for you. With Kenny Leigh & Associates by your side, you can rest assured that you’ll get the fair custodial and financial rulings that you deserve.

    Contact Kenny Leigh & Associates today to find hidden assets and income and get them out in the open.