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    Understanding Alimony Law in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

    Divorce is a difficult experience. In addition to personal pain, it raises legal and financial issues. As a man in Ft. Walton Beach, you want to make sure that your former spouse and children are cared for in a reasonable way. But you also need to think of yourself and your future.

    You’ve worked hard and a divorce should not mean that you have to lose everything. Florida courts tend to be biased toward women in divorce proceedings. Kenny Leigh & Associates specialize in helping men in Ft. Walton Beach overcome this judicial bias and protect their interests when going through a divorce. We can make sure that any alimony that you pay will be fair.

    Understanding Alimony

    Alimony, also called spousal support, is the financial support that you are legally required to provide after a separation or divorce. The idea is that both parties should be able to maintain the lifestyle that they are accustomed to following the divorce. It is designed to give spouses who are caregivers to children financial protection.

    Changing Times

    In the past, alimony was traditionally paid to the woman because she was the caregiver. But times have changed. The U.S. Census Bureau Data indicates that a full one third of higher income earning partners are women. Further, increasing numbers of men are taking primary care of their children. However, the courts have not caught up with this reality. Fewer than 4% of alimony payers are women.

    Men and Alimony

    Things are slowly changing. There is a growing trend of men receiving alimony rather than paying it. In addition, there is an increasing recognition that many women are able to earn incomes that are on par with their former spouses making alimony unnecessary.

    In Florida, men and women are entitled to alimony when there is a large difference in spousal income. It is important to realize that you have rights in this situation. Kenny Leigh & Associates can provide experienced legal representation in Ft. Walton Beach to make sure that the courts respect your rights when awarding alimony.