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    Areas of Practice in Gainesville, FL

    At Kenny Leigh and Associates you won’t find your usual divorce attorney ­ we promise. Because we only handle the man’s side of divorce cases in Gainesville. Our areas of practice include alimony, father’s rights, child support, pre­ and post­nuptial agreements, hidden assets and many other areas men often have to deal with while going through a messy divorce. If you suspect your divorce proceeding or child custody case will be a battle, we can help you plan to make the best of the situation and will fight for your rights in terms of alimony payments, community property issues, child custody and support and many other areas that tend to be very problematic for men going through a divorce.

    Because we focus only on representing men, we’re expert attorneys at issues men face during a difficult divorce. Are you wondering if you’ll be able to see your kids? What about alimony? Are you going to lose your home, your car or your possessions because of the divorce? You have enough to worry about without adding more to your plate. We’ll help you get the best outcome.

    Remember, when you need help with your divorce in Gainesville, areas of practice are vital to retaining your rights. At Kenny Leigh and Associates, your rights matter and are the focus of any proceedings we undertake for you. You have a right to see your kids on a reasonable and timely schedule. You have a right to pay only reasonable child support and alimony, not puffed­up figures that leave you nothing to live on. You need a powerful attorney on your side during this difficult time to ensure your rights are protected. We’re that attorney. Contact us today to see what we can do to improve your divorce case and make sure you come out ahead.