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    Family Law Appeal Services for Men in Gainesville, FL

    Some men don’t feel like the Gainesville courts do everything they can to preserve their rights. If you’re in that situation, there are options available to you and the choice the courts made in the first place don’t have to be the final decision.

    Divorce and Family Law Cases

    When many people go to court as part of a divorce or family law case, it can be natural to want it to just end as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this can lead to an outcome that is less than ideal.

    Florida courts also tend to favor women and mother’s rights so many men feel they were treated unfairly during the process. While appeals can take time and make the process longer, they may be necessary to ensure your rights.

    Who Can Appeal?

    Anybody can appeal a decision but simply disagreeing with a judge’s decision does not equate to grounds for an appeal. After all, an appeal is not a retrial – it’s a process that allows the court to check if they overlooked part of the case or law the first time around.

    In divorce and family law cases, common grounds for appealing a decision include:

    • Assets might have been hidden during the court proceedings
    • The court committed procedural errors
    • The judge abused his or her power
    • Fraud was committed by either party or an attorney representative

    If you are going to appeal, Florida state law says that it must be done within 30 days of the final judgment or verdict delivery. That means that you need to act fast, especially since it requires a deft hand to get an appeal to go through in Gainesville and Florida State.

    An Appellate Attorney Can Help

    If you think your original divorce or family law case may require an appeal, you should contact Kenny Leigh & Associates as soon as possible. We have all of the knowledge you’ll need to get a fair judgment, even if you didn’t receive one the first time around.

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