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    Child Custody Legal Services for Men in Gainesville, FL


    A child custody dispute can be very difficult to deal with for any man. However, if you have the right team standing beside you, you can achieve the outcome you want if you wind up in court.
    It is important for men to know that Florida and Gainesville courts do make it hard for them to retain full custody of their child though. To do so, you’ll probably need to show that the mother of your child is unfit to care for her children and that can lead to very expensive court proceedings that also drag out for months.

    Men also end up paying a lot more in child support to their spouse. In fact, most men average $3,600, while women generally only pay $2,400 each year.

    Child Custody Types

    When it comes to child custody there are three main types.

    • Joint custody allows both the mother and father to have rights, but the child only calls one home their primary residence. In most cases, that is the home of the mother.
    • Shared custody allows the child to claim two residences. The child will generally split time between the two homes fairly and evenly. This is often the ideal situation for kids if both parents are fit to care for their children alone.
    • Sole custody means that only one parent gets custody and the other may only get visitation rights.

    Retaining custody of your child is important and despite the fact that we regularly hear about good fathers losing their rights, we want to work to protect yours. You don’t have to be a statistic if you choose to work with Kenny Leigh & Associates.

    Choose the Best Representation

    In most Gainesville-based cases, mothers are believed to be the best guardian for their children. However, we can work for you to help you retain your rights. In some cases, that could even mean sole custody for you as a father.

    Contact Kenny Leigh & Associates today for your initial consultation. We can help you get your cases started on the right foot so you don’t lose your parental rights.