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    Family Law Attorneys for Men in Gainesville, FL

    Kenny Leigh & Associates – Serving all of North and South Florida from our offices in Jacksonville, Fleming Island, Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Boca Raton, Tampa, Ft. Walton Beach, Pensacola, and Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    Family law attorneys help fathers to get through some of their most stressful times. The legal issues that come with divorce can also be incredibly difficult for men.  That’s why Kenny Leigh & Associates represents men facing these legal issues:

    • Spousal support issues
    • Divorce-related problems
    • Child support
    • Division of assets and financial liabilities
    • Custody issues

    Experienced Attorneys for Florida Men

    As a man in Gainesville or the state of Florida, you may feel like the courts are biased against you. The truth is that many statistics show that to actually be the case in terms of alimony, custody and the division of assets.

    At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we believe that you should have an equal voice that is heard in court. That’s why we work tirelessly to preserve your rights while making sure any children involved get what they need to live healthy and happy lives.

    Quality Service

    Family law is very personal and that’s why we strive to make sure we offer the best customer service possible to the fathers that work with us.

    Emotions can run high especially in cases that involve children, lots of assets or large amounts of money. Our Gainesville, Florida attorneys know this and make sure we are available to help you with all of your concerns when you need answers.

    Professional Family Law Experience is Essential

    Without the right representation, you could lose rights as a parent. You could end up paying too much in alimony or not being awarded what you deserve if you are not the top earner. Our family law attorneys make sure that you receive what’s fair and that all court proceedings go smoothly.