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    Fathers Rights Protection in Gainesville FL

    The Importance of Father’s Rights

    During Gainesville court proceedings, men’s rights can seem to go ignored in favor of women’s rights, especially in cases revolving around alimony, child support and joint assets.

    While we absolutely believe that men should stand up and help their children, we also believe that they have rights and a voice that should be heard in court. We make sure they have a voice and it’s heard in order to come to a fair decision that is best for the child, the mother and the father.

    Court Bias Toward Mothers in Custody Cases

    It has long been a fact that the courts tend to give custody to women over men in pretty much every case where the mother is not unfit to care for the child. However, we believe that fathers absolutely do have rights and that those rights need to be protected in custody cases.

    After all, if you aren’t an unfit father and you have the means to support your child, you should absolutely be given the same custody rights as the mother. As a father, your involvement in your child’s life is crucial to their development and without it, they may face irreparable problems in the future.

    We’ll fight to make sure your child doesn’t have to grow up without you or with limited visitation only.

    Serving the Child’s Best Interest

    At Kenny Leigh & Associates we believe that fathers have rights in custody cases and that good dads should be allowed to see their children. Even more than that, we believe that Gainesville children deserve the best they can get. To us, that means a loving mother and father who will both spend time with their child.

    Because of that, we work with the men who hire us to show that they are capable of providing for their child in these ways:

    • Adequate financial support
    • Stable and dependable home
    • A safe, nurturing home
    • Active involvement in the child’s activities and education
    • A positive role model in the child’s life and development

    Most of the fathers we work with are easily able to show that they can give their children what they need to develop properly, but in some Gainesville, Florida cases, men’s rights do get trampled by a biased court system. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we want to keep you from being one of those fathers.