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    Mediation Attorney for Men Serving Gainesville, FL

    If you’re looking for family mediation in Gainesville, you can find help from Kenny Leigh & Associates. Our experts in family mediation and family law can help you to find satisfactory solutions to your unique situation.

    Mediation Services

    Divorce proceedings rarely come to a settled, definite conclusion in the courtroom, especially when children are involved. That’s where mediation services come into play. Mediation is a legal process that allows two parties to settle a dispute and this process takes place outside of a courtroom. Since divorce is very complicated, stressful and emotional, mediation can play an important and productive role in the process.

    Why Mediation?

    If you choose to go through the court system, you’ll find that the proceedings are very tense and time-consuming. The courts are busy, and it could take months before you even enter the courtroom for the first time. The decisions handed down in a courtroom will affect your life and the lives of your family members. When you use services from a skilled Florida mediation attorney, you can be sure that both parties will be heard fairly.

    Mediation Especially Important for Men

    The courts often side with women in divorce proceedings. That’s why men in Gainesville regularly turn to Kenny Leigh & Associates for mediation services. It’s difficult for men to represent themselves well during legal divorce proceedings but we’re completely focused on representing men. We have the experience to accurately and legally represent your contributions and role within your marriage and family.

    Mediation in Gainesville

    Because the Florida courts are so flooded with divorce proceedings, the state of Florida is now requiring mediation sessions before couples enter the courtroom. The state most likely recognizes that cases that have gone through mediation are more effectively handled. Your mediation sessions are crucial to the positive outcome of your divorce ruling so it’s essential that you have an attorney who can represent and protect you well.

    For more information about mediation in Gainesville, contact us at Kenny Leigh & Associates for a consultation. We have attorneys serving all of Northeast and South Florida.