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    Postnuptial Agreement Attorneys for Men Only in Gainesville, FL

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    You’ve heard of prenuptial agreements, but many people are unfamiliar with postnuptial agreements. They play similar roles: each agreement defines the parties in a marriage with set rights, duties and obligations. The main difference is that postnuptial agreements are created after the parties have already entered into the marriage. Let’s take a look at the ways postnuptial agreements can help your marriage.

    Reduce Financial Disagreements

    Financial stress is one of the biggest problems in marriages, but a postnuptial agreement can help you to alleviate these problems. When the parties in a marriage understand their individual financial roles and obligations, disputes are kept to a minimum and tension is reduced.

    Improve the State of Your Marriage

    Confusion about duties, roles, and obligations is one of the primary reasons for unhappy marriages. Miscommunication about who is in charge of different aspects of child care, income earning, business matters and personal affairs lead to resentment and discouragement. By laying out these obligations and duties in a postnuptial agreement, you can avoid many of these miscommunications.

    Protect Yourself Through a Postnuptial Agreement

    Not all marriages are successful and when divorce occurs, men typically inherit more of the financial burden of the divorce. Men in Gainesville who find themselves in this position often turn to Kenny Leigh & Associates. We work exclusively with male clients to remove bias against men and to achieve fair rulings from the courts. One way to achieve fair rulings is to have a postnuptial agreement in place that protects the parties involved.

    Save Money

    If you can tell that your marriage is headed toward divorce, it’s important to take steps that will protect yourself and your family in the future. A postnuptial agreement is a legal vehicle that can do just that. If you allow the divorce to head through the court system, the divorce process will be much more drawn out and expensive, and you will lose some or all control over future alimony payments and the division of your assets.

    When you have a postnuptial agreement, however, you can shorten the amount of time your case spends in the court system and you can save thousands of dollars on court and attorney fees. Additionally, you can come to a mutual agreement about your assets, liabilities and spousal support, without having to depend entirely on the judge assigned to your case.

    If you’re looking for legal help in Gainesville who can expertly guide you through the postnuptial agreement process, contact Kenny Leigh & Associates today.