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    Men’s Alimony in Gainvesville, FL

    Most men work tirelessly to build the life that they want, often putting in long hours and sacrificing time away from the family for a paycheck. Unfortunately, if you’re facing a divorce, you could end up losing all that you’ve worked so hard for. Gainesville courts don’t seem to be helping and often skew towards women when it comes to financial matters.

    Understanding Alimony

    Alimony, which is often referred to as spousal support, is a legal obligation to pay for your spouse’s needs after getting a divorce. The idea is that your spouse should be able to live the lifestyle they became used to during the marriage.

    Cost of Alimony

    According to a recent study, over 30-percent of women are the higher-earning spouse, but less than four-percent pay alimony. That shows the bias that Gainesville, Florida courts have, and it’s a reason why you need legal representation from Kenny Leigh & Associates.

    Men Can Get Alimony

    Men can receive alimony, even if the courts appear biased. However, because of this bias, you need to have a qualified team working beside you to help you get what you deserve if your spouse was the higher-earner in the family.

    As a man, you do have the right to alimony, so don’t be afraid to get what you’re entitled to in a court of law. Just make sure you have the right representation, as Gainesville and Florida courts aren’t as likely to award a man alimony as they are a woman in many cases.

    Alimony in the State of Florida

    Whether you’re going to be paying alimony to a spouse or your spouse should be paying you because they earned more during your marriage, Gainesville and Florida courts can be difficult to navigate without the right team by your side.

    Contact us to schedule your consultation and get started on your alimony case toward. It could save you a lot of money or help you get what you’re entitled to.