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    Protection Orders for Men in Gainesville, FL

    When it comes to family law, men are typically perceived as the aggressors or offenders not as the victims of abuse or harassment. However, there are situations in which men need protection orders from women to protect them from domestic violence, assault, battery, stalking, harassment and physical harm.

    What are Protection Orders?

    Protection orders are legal injunctions that protect individuals when there is a clear need for specific protection. In Gainesville, seeking a protection order prior to a divorce can provide the legal grounds necessary for a divorce. They’re not granted lightly, but if you have clear evidence that you have been harmed or threatened, you may have the legal grounds for a protection order.

    Legal Representation for Your Protective Order

    Since protective orders are not granted lightly, legal representation is important. Expert family law attorneys, like those at Kenny Leigh & Associates, can help you to accurately document specific occurrences, detailed information about abuse and threats, a history of harassment or stalking, and evidence of current threats that are prompting you to seek the protective order.

    A Protection for You and Your Family

    A protection order provides a restraining order to keep you and your children safe if there is a threat to your safety. Often, men feel that they should be able to provide their own defense without legal help, but this isn’t always the smartest course of action. Having the law on your side can help to protect you and your children in many ways, including providing the legal grounds for a divorce should you need them.

    For more information about protective orders in Gainesville, contact Kenny Leigh & Associates. Our attorneys can confidentially handle your situation and provide legal help to ensure safety for you and your children.