Men Seeking Alimony in Jacksonville, FL

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Times are changing. More and more men are seeking alimony and understanding there is no shame in accepting a monthly check from their ex-wives. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of alimony recipients who are male rose to 3.6% during the past five years. As the earning potential of women increase, so does the percentage of men seeking alimony. In 2005, wives out earned their husbands in 33% of families where both husband and wife were employed, up from 28.2% a decade earlier.

Why do men seek alimony?

Most men seek alimony for the same reasons as women do – they have sacrificed their careers so their significant others can build theirs. It’s when you sacrifice what you want for the one you love that you’re often left in a terrible position should the marriage go awry.  If, after years of supporting her career efforts she decides to divorce why shouldn’t he seek alimony?

Men seek alimony because they gave up their career pursuits to become stay at home parents. If there is a divorce, he deserves compensation for years of raising children, doing laundry and cooking dinner.

As a way of negotiating a better divorce settlement agreement, men will often seek alimony as means of compensation. Men understand that alimony is a powerful tool because most women will deter from the idea of writing a monthly check. An ex-wife may be more apt to give up a second home or a larger portion of her retirement rather than staying in monthly contact with her ex-husband.

Whether you’re intending to use it as leverage or you’re ready to move on with your life alimony check in hand, you need the right lawyer to execute the right plan. Contact the legal team at Kenny Leigh & Associates with offices in Jacksonville, Ormond Beach, Gainesville, Orange Park, Fleming Island, and West Palm Beach, FL today to get started on building your case.