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    Family Law Appeal Services for Men in Daytona, FL

    Daytona Family Law Appeal Services – For Men Only

    If you feel that the Florida courts failed to uphold your rights in your family law or divorce case, you can appeal the final judgment. Kenny Leigh & Associates in Daytona can help you file an appeal and fight for your legal rights.

    Appeals in Family Law and Divorce Cases

    Family law and divorce cases can be stressful, so it’s normal for both parties to want to end the case quickly. The result can be overlooked information and a case that ends with unfair decisions and devastating consequences. Although appealing your case can be a lengthy process in the Florida court system, the outcome can have a positive impact on your future.

    Grounds For Appeals

    If you believe there was an error in your Daytona family law or divorce case, you can file an appeal within 30 days. Kenny Leigh & Associates can help you file your appeal quickly in the Florida court. With an appeal, the court will revisit the evidence that may have been overlooked in your case. If any of the following apply, your case could be successfully appealed.

    • Fraud was committed on the court
    • Assets were hidden
    • Procedural errors were committed by the court
    • The Judge may have abused his or her discretion

    If you suspect injustice, it’s imperative to contact our Daytona office right away and talk to one of our attorneys who’s well versed in appellate law.

    Our Daytona Appellate Attorneys Can Help

    If you feel like the ruling in your Daytona case was flawed, Kenny Leigh & Associates has the knowledge and expertise to help you with your appeal. We can review your trial records and determine if your appeal is justified. The appeals process involves rules, deadlines and legal briefs that must be filed in a timely manner.

    We will make sure that everything gets done on time, so you don’t lose your appeal rights. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we are committed to men’s rights and equal justice. If you’re considering an appeal, contact us today.