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    Child Custody Legal Services for Men in Daytona, FL



    Daytona Child Custody Legal Services – For Men Only

    If you’re facing a child custody dispute, Kenny Leigh & Associates can help you build a strong custody case and fight for your legal rights as a dad.

    Fathers Have Rights Too!

    As a man, a child custody case can be difficult to win. Unfortunately, Florida courts are hesitant to separate mother and child in most child custody disputes. To win full custody of your children, you have to prove that their mother is “unfit”, and this process usually leads to drawn out court proceedings and costly court expenses. In addition, men pay an average of $3,600 in annual child support, while women pay only an average of $2,400 per year. For most Florida men, child custody disputes don’t usually have a favorable outcome, so you need the help of expert child custody attorneys like Kenny Leigh & Associates in Daytona.

    Types of Child Custody

    In child custody cases, there are three main types of custody that can be awarded by the court:

    • Sole Custody – With sole custody, one parent receives primary custody of the child and the other parent is allowed visitation rights.
    • Joint Custody – Favored most often by the courts, joint custody allows both parents to share custody of the child, but only one parent provides primary residence for the child.
    • Shared Custody – With shared custody, both parents share equally in custody and living arrangements for the child. Courts don’t always favor shared custody to protect the children from being shuffled between two homes.

    Get The Best Outcome With Our Daytona Child Custody Services

    Although Florida courts are slowly changing their traditional views on child custody, most still favor the mother as the custodian of minor children. Fathers are given visitation rights, but often these visitations take place in the mother’s home where the child resides.

    Don’t let the legal system make you feel like a “deadbeat dad” with diminished rights. Let Kenny Leigh & Associates help you with your Daytona custody case and father’s rights. Contact our Daytona office at (386) 872-dads (3237).