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    Fathers Rights Protection in Daytona Beach, FL

    Daytona Fathers Rights Protection – For Men Only

    At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we believe strongly in fathers rights. So often, fathers rights are ignored in divorce and child custody cases resulting in devastating consequences for fathers who only want the best for their children. We are committed to making sure that every dad receives the best legal representation possible to ensure equal and fair rights in the state of Florida.

    Bias Faced By Florida Fathers

    Unfortunately, Florida courts have diminished fathers rights due to unfair bias in the courtroom. In the majority of custody cases, mothers are viewed by the court as the primary caretaker and most often granted custody. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we believe every father plays a critical role in a child’s upbringing, and no father should be denied access to his children because of unfair bias. Our mission is to protect fathers rights and the integrity of a father/child relationship by making sure the court understands the importance of a fathers role and rights.

    The Best Interest Of The Child

    At Kenny Leigh & Associates, our Daytona attorneys work to provide a custody agreement that’s in the best interest of the child. We work closely with fathers to make sure they can provide a good lifestyle for their child including:

    • Safe, stable, and dependable home environment
    • Supportive relationship where the child’s needs are the highest priority
    • Active involvement in school, friendships, and other personal interests of the child
    • Dependable financial support
    • A positive influence as the child develops

    In many cases, we find that a child would be better cared for under the guidance and guardianship of a father, but Florida courts don’t always agree. Our goal is to fix this problem and provide Florida men with the best legal representation to ensure they receive access to their children and the fair, legal rights they deserve.

    If you need legal representation or feel that your fathers rights have been threatened, contact our Daytona office at (386) 872-dads (3237) and talk to one of our experienced attorneys today.