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    The Importance of Hidden Assets in a Divorce in Daytona, FL

    One of the most fundamental goals of divorce proceedings is the equitable division of the couple’s assets. For many couples, this process is straightforward. Both parties are open and honest about their assets. However, there are times when one party tries to hide assets during the proceedings. If you believe this is happening, Kenny Leigh & Associates can help. Our attorneys are experienced at helping men in Daytona to make sure that all assets are disclosed during the divorce proceedings.

    What Financial Assets Need to Be Disclosed

    The courts require couples to disclose any and all assets that they own. In addition to personal income, these financial aspects include:

    • Businesses owned by either party.
    • Assets and investments such as retirement funds, stocks and bonds.
    • Any available cash.
    • Real Estate.
    • Any other income streams that provide a steady flow of money.

    Sometimes people attempt to hide these assets in the hopes going some advantage. The most common hidden asset is real estate properties.

    Why Hide Assets?

    There are many reasons why your partner may hide financial assets. She may be seeking to avoid paying a higher level of child support or spousal support. The most basic reason to hide assets is to manipulate the proceedings so that the outcome is more favorable for that party. This is fraudulent and dishonest.

    Get Help

    If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets, you need legal help. Kenny Leigh & Associates in Daytona can employ expert asset location search to uncover any hidden assets. Our attorneys are experienced at making sure all forms of income are readily available during the divorce so that a just and fair ruling can be reached.

    At Kenny Leigh & Associates, our mission is to help Daytona men to obtain the best legal representation in family courts. We know that these proceedings can be unfairly biased toward women, and we want to help you fight to make sure all the financial assets are on the table.