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    Mediation Attorney for Men Serving Daytona, FL

    It’s no secret that many divorces can be messy. Even if you and your spouse want to part peacefully, it is difficult not to get emotional when facing tough issues like child support and custody. The good news is that mediation can be an alternative to a messy divorce trial. Kenny Leigh & Associates help men in Daytona seeking mediation get the legal representation they deserve.

    What Is Mediation?

    Mediation is a legal process that allows two parties to settle a dispute outside of the courtroom. A neutral third party acts as the mediator to bring the parties together to settle the dispute. The terms that both parties agree to through the mediation process have the legal status of a contract and can be enforced in a court. So you and your spouse need not to fight an emotional battle in a courtroom. You can meet with a mediator to settle your differences peacefully.

    Mediation In Florida

    Due to the large number of divorces, Florida law actually requires a few mediation sessions before going to trial. The hope is that both parties can settle their differences without entering a courtroom. This is why it is so important for men to have good legal counsel for mediation. Florida courts are biased toward women. If the mediation does not succeed, then the material presented in mediation will be presented at the trial. As a man, you want to make sure that you make the best case during mediation because this will affect the outcome of the trial that may follow.

    The Benefits of Mediation

    With so many divorces going to trial, it may be a long time before your case gets to trail. If you can settle your issues with your spouse through mediation, then you bring this emotional and potentially painful event to a rapid conclusion. In addition, once your case enters the courtroom, your fate is in the hands of a single judge. A good mediation attorney can make sure that both parties receive a fair hearing so that decisions can be made in everyone’s best interest.

    Mediation may be a good option for men in Daytona seeking a divorce. Contact us at Kenny Leigh & Associates for a consultation about your case.