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    Postnuptial Agreement Attorneys in Daytona, FL

    Marriage is difficult in today’s complicated society. Finances are definitely one source of strain in a marriage. Sometimes couples fight about money, but more often couples fight about who is responsible for and in control of the family finances. A postnuptial agreement can help.

    What Is a Postnuptial Agreement?

    Like a prenuptial agreement, this document spells out specific sets of rights, duties, responsibilities and obligations for each party in the relationship. These kinds of agreements make clear what the role of each party is in the relationship.

    Benefits of a Postnuptial Agreement

    A postnuptial agreement can be beneficial in two ways. First, these agreements can relieve the stress related to control of the family finances. When the responsibilities of each party are clear, there can be no real argument about who controls specific financial assets and resources. A fair postnuptial agreement can actually bring peace and healing to a failing relationship. Getting help to draft a fair postnuptial agreement may save your marriage.

    In some cases, the relationship may be beyond repair. If you proceed to a divorce without any sort of prior agreement, you will be in for a long, drawn out process with high court and attorney fees. You will also have little control over the division of assets and future alimony and child support payments. A postnuptial agreement can avoid this. It can clearly spell out what will happen in the case of a divorce so the consequences are clear to both parties. If you feel like your marriage may be headed toward divorce, getting legal help to draft a postnuptial agreement is a good option.

    Your marriage may get better, but it may not. Either way, a postnuptial agreement is beneficial to you, your spouse and your children.

    Men and Postnuptial Agreements

    As a man, you should know that family courts in Florida are biased toward women. By preparing a postnuptial agreement, you can protect your future in the case of a divorce. If you live in the Daytona area, contact Kenny Leigh & Associates for a consultation. Our experienced lawyers can help you draft a fair postnuptial agreement.