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    Understanding Prenuptial Agreements in Daytona, FL

    If you are a man preparing for marriage in Daytona, you might assume that you don’t really need a prenuptial agreement if you and your partner have roughly equal financial assets and income. You might think that prenups are only necessary where there is a large disparity in income. This is a false assumption. Marriage is in part a financial arrangement. It is a good thing to have a plan for what happens if that arrangement should end. Kenny Leigh & Associates help men in Daytona to create fair and effective prenuptial agreements.

    What Is Included in a Prenuptial Agreement?

    You can include a wide variety of factors in your prenuptial agreement. Here are a few issues that can be covered:

    • The division of assets, properties and liability.
    • Guidelines for spousal support.
    • Guidelines for child custody and support.
    • Terms that spell out the consequences if one party should commit adultery.

    Couples can also include specific on many other issues if they wish.

    Prenups in Florida

    Florida law is very complex when it comes to prenuptial agreements. Here are the basic requirements for a valid prenup:

    • The agreement must benefit both parties.
    • It must be properly notarized.
    • Both parties must read it and sign it.
    • It must be written and not oral.
    • It is only validated if the couple actually gets married.

    The intricacies of Florida law make it necessary to obtain legal help in finalizing your prenuptial agreement. Family courts in Florida tend to regard men as merely financial providers. An effective prenuptial agreement can help overcome this bias.

    At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we fight for the rights and interests of men in Daytona. Contact our experienced team of attorneys to evaluate your case today.