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    Understanding Alimony Law in Daytona, FL

    Daytona Alimony Attorneys – For Men Only

    If you’re a man going through a divorce, it’s important to protect your assets. You’ve worked hard all of your life to attain the lifestyle you deserve so you don’t want to lose it with an unreasonable divorce settlement. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we’re dedicated to men’s rights in the Florida courts and we can help you protect your livelihood.

    What Is Alimony?

    Alimony (spousal support) is a legal obligation mandated by the court to provide financial support to your ex-spouse, so that he/she can continue the lifestyle that was customary during the marriage. In Florida, courts tend to favor wives as the dependent party in a marriage and alimony is typically awarded to the wife in a divorce case. Although these traditional court rulings have little to do with current lifestyles, men are usually on the losing end for alimony.

    Alimony Costs

    In the eyes of Florida courts, men are typically viewed as the financial providers and women are viewed as the family caretakers. However, recent studies show that thirty-three percent of the higher-earning spouses are women, yet only three percent are ordered to pay alimony in a divorce. With these court biases against men, it’s important to have a Daytona lawyer like Kenny Leigh & Associates who can fight for your alimony rights.

    Men Receiving Alimony

    In Florida, both men and women are legally entitled to receive alimony. Whether you’re the financial provider or the family caretaker, both parties have legal rights. In a divorce, many men find themselves out of the house they paid for and denied access to cars and family assets while an alimony settlement is pending. Don’t let that happen to you. Act in your own best interest to protect your assets and receive equal rights.

    Alimony Laws in Daytona

    At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we can help you with your alimony case. Whether you need to provide or receive alimony, we have decades of experience to represent you in the Florida court system. We have helped hundreds of hard working men keep their dignity and lifestyle after a divorce.

    As experts in Florida alimony law, we specialize in the rights of men, and we’ll make sure that your rights and assets are protected. If you have a Daytona alimony case, contact our attorneys at (386) 872-dads (3237).