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    Legal Separation Attorneys in Daytona, FL

    Sometimes marriages do not work out, but the couple would like to keep their marital status while living separate lives. There are often religious reasons for wanting to keep a marriage in tact, but there may be financial reasons such as the continuation of health benefits for both spouses, too. If you’re thinking about legally separating from your partner in Daytona, then you should contact Kenny Leigh & Associates. Our attorneys have years of experience helping men deal with issues in family law.

    Separation in Daytona, Florida

    Florida law does not recognize a legal separation. There are, however, a number of provisions that can help couples who want to make arrangements for child support, custody and, in rare cases, alimony while separated.

    The first is known as “Support Unconnected with the Dissolution of a Marriage.” Under this provision, a couple that is planning to live apart can petition the court to grant child support or spousal support. There is no need for an informal financial agreement. The couple can get the court to sanction their agreement to ensure child support is paid.

    Another option is mediation. Through mediation, one or both of the parties wishing to separate executes a settlement process that provides the terms of the separation without involving the courts. The result is a legal binding contract that will hold up in court if one party fails to meet the agreed upon terms.

    Help Is Available

    If you are a man in Daytona seeking a legal separation, Florida law has provisions that will help you. Even though there is no official legal separation in Florida, you have options available that will allow you to arrange for custody and child support while you are separated. Kenny Leigh & Associates can help you decide on the best option in your case. Contact us for a consultation.