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    Protection Orders for Men in Daytona, FL

    Many people think that protection orders stop men from abusing women. However, men are not always the aggressors in these situations. It is possible that a man may need some protection from his spouse. It is not rare for a man to be the victim of abuse. In these cases it is the man that may be in need of protection from:

    • Domestic violence
    • Assault and aggravated assault
    • Battery
    • Stalking
    • Harassment
    • Any other physical harm.

    If you are a man in Daytona and believe that you or your children are in danger, then you need to get legal help. Protective orders can help you and your children to stay safe.

    How to Obtain a Protective Order

    These orders are taken seriously by the courts. They are not granted lightly. You will need to provide evidence that you have been harmed and that your spouse is a threat to your safety. Documentation will be required to establish:

    • Specific occurrences of abuse
    • Detailed information about the history of abuse and threats
    • Evidence of a current threat

    Kenny Leigh & Associates can help you accurately gather this information to present it to the court.

    Get Help Today

    If you believe that you are in danger from your spouse, you should seek help quickly. Sometimes men try to tough it out and defend themselves. This could place you in a difficult situation if you have to use force when defending yourself or your children from harm. You could wind up being accused of abuse even if you are defending yourself or others. In order to protect yourself and your children, you should take legal action.

    Kenny Leigh & Associates are there to help the men of Daytona in these difficult situations obtain the legal help they need to protect themselves and their children.