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    Experienced Divorce Attorneys for Men in Dayton, FL

    Daytona Experienced Divorce Attorneys – For Men Only

    If you’re facing a divorce in Florida, you’re up against some serious legal obstacles. Due to traditional biases seen in the Florida court system, money and child custody is typically awarded to the woman in a divorce. As a man and a father, you need a good legal team to protect your rights. Kenny Leigh & Associates can help you make sure you get equal rights during a divorce.

    Don’t Face Divorce Alone

    Unfortunately, in the state of Florida, a man can lose money and investments in a divorce. The consequences can take a devastating financial and emotional toll. Statistics show that divorced men are eight times more likely to commit suicide than divorced women, and men without wives are twice as likely to experience depression and heart attacks. If you’re going through a divorce, Kenny Leigh & Associates will make sure you’re never alone. Our expert attorneys will work to protect you during your difficult life transition.

    What’s Next For You?

    Although a divorce can be a difficult, it can also be the beginning of a new life. With our team at Kenny Leigh & Associates by your side, we’ll make sure you get everything you deserve during your divorce to build a comfortable new lifestyle. We will fight for your rights as a man, a husband and a father. Our attorneys want to make sure your voice is heard and you receive fair, just treatment throughout your divorce.

    Contact Our Daytona Attorneys To Protect Your Rights

    If you’re facing a divorce, contact our experienced attorneys to protect your rights. As a man, you need a great legal team that can fight for you and make things easier during this trying time in your life. If you need divorce representation, don’t wait!

    Call Kenny Leigh & Associates right away for expert legal representation in all aspects of divorce including alimony, child support and child custody. Contact our Daytona office at (386) 872-dads (3237) to schedule a consultation.