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    Family Law Appeal Services for Men in Pensacola, FL

    There’s no doubt you’re weary after going through an emotional family law event. You might think it’s easier to throw in the towel and live with the results than to deal with more conflict, even though you feel the ruling was unfair. Before you resign yourself to an unacceptable family law ruling, consider the appeals process. Appellate court in Tampa is designed to give you another shot at justice.

    A good attorney is key when entering the appeals process. Florida law requires you file an appeal no later than 30 days after the ruling. Kenny Leigh & Associates provides appeal services for men in Tampa. They deal exclusively with men, giving you an edge when it comes to understanding family law from the man’s perspective.

    Appellate Requirements

    There are specific grounds for an appeal that must be met before you can formally file appeal services for men:

    • Fraud
    • Assets were not properly disclosed
    • Unfair use of discretion or power by a judge
    • Court procedures were incorrectly followed

    Men face unique barriers and prejudices within the family law arena. Navigating the appeals process can be difficult if you attempt it alone. Kenny Leigh & Associates of Tampa, FL is happy to provide men with help every step of the way to ensure justice is served.