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    It has been shown in multiple studies that men may suffer more negative effects of a divorce because of the lifestyle changes that can occur. Females tend to encourage more healthy behaviors among their spouses and when this is not in effect anymore, it is easy for men to go back to old habits like increased alcohol use or tobacco. Here are five negative behaviors to watch out for in order to keep you as healthy and emotionally stable as possible during your divorce.

    1. Tobacco and Alcohol Use.

    Prior to marriage, men may have more cause to drink alcohol with friends or use as a sedative. During a divorce, men may look to alcohol or tobacco to deal with emotional issues, rather than seeking out help from family or friends. If you notice increased usage or a nicotine craving not felt in a while, know this may be a stress reaction to the emotional turmoil.

    2. Lack of Physical Activity.

    Because of a possible lack of support sources or the above, men who are depressed about a divorce may stop exercising or doing physical activities that were enjoyed previously. It is important to continue to get exercise for the physical benefits as well as the community aspect of a gym or other alternate exercise resource.

    3. Eating Habits.

    Depending on who did the cooking in the relationship, men’s health may suffer from an increased intake of fast food from restaurants or other dining establishments, which, with the lack of physical activity, will only serve to decrease overall health. While it is not necessarily difficult to cook for one, the negative connotations may outweigh the perceived benefits.

    4. Emotional Support System.

    It is widely understood that women, both married and unmarried, overall have a wider emotional support system than men do, and during a divorce, men may not turn to their friends and family network for support, seeking to rely on external items like alcohol or food to satisfy their needs. Friends and family can offer needed support through your divorce, which in turn will help to keep their health and wellness more stable during the divorce.

    5. Dating Partners.

    Reckless dating behavior may be one of the negative behaviors that could be detrimental to a man’s health. It may be beneficial to keep a low profile and spend time with friends and family during this emotional time.

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