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    While some divorces go pretty smoothly because each party decides to be fair and knows what’s right, not every separation is amicable. We’ve all heard about divorces that get downright nasty when it comes to issues like children, money and property.

    Hiring an attorney that cares about your rights is important, but there’s more to it than just hiring the best legal help. That’s because sometimes court isn’t the answer – mediation is. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of mediation for men going through a divorce in the Pensacola area.

    What is Mediation?

    In the simplest terms, mediation is a process that allows a couple going through a divorce to discuss the terms of a legal separation. With the help of a mediator, couples can talk openly about their needs and desires in a safe, public setting.

    One of the best reasons to hire a mediator is because you have some basic disputes about your divorce, but you and your partner are not simply trying to do what’s right for the household, family and individual interests. Hiring a mediator also keeps tempers from flaring when certain hot button issues like money are discussed.

    How Will a Mediator Help?

    If you think of a mediator as a conduit, a person to help keep an open dialog in a difficult situation, you’ll understand how they can be very helpful. Unlike a judge in a trial, a mediator isn’t there to make a decision about what’s fair, but help the parties involved decide what they both believe is fair.

    In most cases, people who agree to sit down with a mediator feel satisfied with the end result without having to go through court proceedings.

    Is Mediation Best for Me?

    Hiring a mediator to determine the terms of a legal separation can be extremely beneficial for couples who are willing to discuss what seems just and fair to them. Parties that don’t want to spend a lot of money and devote large amounts of time to a trial can also benefit from mediation services.

    In short, if you feel like a satisfactory outcome is just around the corner, mediation services can help.

    Contact Kenny Leigh & Associates to learn more about family law mediation in Pensacola. As a father, you have rights, and we’re here to help you protect them.